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We develop highly advanced IT systems

RST is a place where business meets technology. We start with an idea and find solutions, creating tailor-made IT systems to meet your needs. The success of your business is supported by over a dozen highly skilled dev teams as well as agile methods of creating software.

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Who are we and what do we do?

Over eighteen years of experience!

We specialize in highly advanced IT systems and deliver custom software to our clients.

We started business back in 1998. That year we introduced our first products: a computer game and internet services. Fast forward to today and we have built a modern, dynamic yet stable Polish company that cooperates with clients on a daily basis, providing them software and IT solutions.

You can rely on the engagement of our dev teams in creating and developing a product fitting your specific needs. RST employs over 150 IT engineers in two branches: in Wroclaw and Swidnica. Our everyday work involves creating innovative desktop and mobile applications. We design products which have influence on thousands of people.

We are Software Masters because we hire only the best—people who strive for excellence and continuous improvement, and are eager to share their knowledge with others.

Our strengths:

In operation since 1998
Nine companies in a capital group
We develop desktop and mobile applications for tablets, smartphones and televisions
We administer over 600 servers in Europe
We provide services to over 53k users simultaneously
Experience has become knowledge
We follow and implement the latest technologies

RST Software Masters mission is to develop high quality, innovative and user friendly applications which make your life easier and help your business grow.

RST Software Masters values

Guarantee of high-quality cooperation with clients


Honesty with ourselves and our clients helps us work on projects efficiently and effectively.


When we're entrusted with a project we concentrate on delivering it on time.


We treat ourselves and others with respect knowing that only in this way we can achieve agreement and move projects forward.


Only products of extraordinary quality gain clients' appreciation

How do we work?

Our approach


We learn about our clients’ needs and turn them into ideas, which later become products.

The path we show to our clients helps them bring their ideas to life.


We share with you our 18-years of experience in developing advanced technological solutions and products.

RST has hired over 150 IT engineers who work on our projects with passion and diligence.


We care about application testing and the implementation process.

We give our clients finished products and provide them with ongoing support.


We care about your comfort by delivering maintenance and the best support possible for our products.

To do that, we use only high quality server facilities and technological infrastructure.

We are versatile

As a technology-driven company, our activity covers a variety of technologies and a wide range of industrial sectors

Desktop applications

Desktop applications

Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Smartwatch applications

Smartwatch applications

Television applications

Television applications

Messaging applications

Messaging applications

Social networks

Social networks

E-learning platforms

E-learning platforms

Data synchronization

Data synchronization

Server hosting

Server hosting

Systems integration

Systems integration



API development

API development

We use only robust technologies.

Some of most important technologies and tools used by RST Software Masters

Software Masters Technologie Software Masters Technologie

See our most important projects

Some of our most important systems and applications involve System

The System is a package of innovative solutions which help facilitate the work of modern carriers and forwarders in logistical transport.

The system consists of elements such as: a load offering platform, messaging, reliability ratings, order management, driver monitoring and API integration with other companies’ external systems. Additionally, it includes an integrated environment for managing receivables and a helpdesk for System clients.



68 milion

offers per year

6 million



users online

48,5 milion



load offers per day

Mobile applications in the system


TransParking is a free app which helps drivers find the closest truck parking en route. The app shows an update of vacant spots so drivers can easily plan their next stop. It also gives access to truck stops with facilities (such as shower, toilet, Wi-Fi, etc.) and security (safety services, CCTV) all around Europe.

TransParking is an app using community generated content. With a continual flow of input, users can try out new car parks, comment on existing ones and rate them. For each activity users receive points to compete in a driver ranking. And you don’t need an internet connection because TransParking even works offline.

Pobierz z Google Play


TransExpress is the only mobile app which enables users to find free load offers in the System, talk about the selected offers using the well-known Trans messenger app, phone your future business partners, conclude transactions with Trans and get new orders!

Pobierz z Google Play


Thanks to TransMessenger, you can easily get in touch with people on your contacts in System messenger – any time, wherever you may be.

With this simple app, you have all your contacts at your fingertips in your phone – anytime, anywhere! TransMessenger runs in the background and notifies you with all new messages.

Pobierz z Google Play


TransScanner is a mobile app which enables you to scan and save documents on your phone.

It helps scan important contracts, orders, CMR forms—quickly and easily, and save them in a special folder.

Each picture taken with the app can easily be accessed via the user’s gallery.

Pobierz z Google Play


TransTask is an easy-to-use, free, mobile application enabling the exchange of information between driver and dispatcher.

The app helps the driver perform tasks more efficiently. It displays information entered by the dispatcher and allows users to view tasks, with the order’s details en route.

It facilitates reporting of potential problems and shortens the process of task confirmation and verification.

Pobierz z Google Play

Along with the System, we have also developed other products

Applications allows recieving and sharing electric measurment results taken with a Sonel measurment devices.

MPI Mobile application which is cooperating with multifunctional measurement instruments Sonel MPI-530 enables its users to enricht measurement results with photos, voice notes, comments and GPS localization. All of that can be shared with a co-worker or client.

Sonel MPI Mobile technology

Native application Android 4.4 and higher

EasyTranslate – wirtualne biuro tłumaczeń

The fastest developing translation platform in Northern Europe, it provides translations and other language solutions for over 60 million words, annually. The number of contributing linguists exceeds 4.3k.

Easy Translate is an international, dynamic and innovative environment which works on professional solutions for easy translations so as to become a world-leading services provider.

easytranslate .com

BedBooking - system rezerwacji noclegów

Booking manager and booking system designed for small and medium-sized accommodation facilities which improves the everyday management and booking process for rooms, apartments and houses. It was created for use on computers and mobile devices with Android and iOS systems.

bedbooking .com

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Applications for Smart TVs Samsung
Applications for Smart TVs
RST for LG
Software dedicated to monitoring freight sent from the factory
RST for Stanley-Decker
Software that supports the centralized process of procurement and accounting
RST for University of Wroclaw
System for student course registration

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